So, this week the scale said I was up. According to my scale at home today, I’m already wayyyy back down. Here’s hoping that I can break under the massive 200 this week.

Things have been pretty busy. With only 88 days (!!!!!!) until the wedding, preparations are in full swing. Only a couple more things to check off the list.

Kevin and I need to finalize some colors this week and I definitely should call the pastor and get things squared away. Should be a good time. I have no idea why I’ve procrastinated so much with calling the pastor. Everything is just becoming very real, very fast.

Other news….. Kevin and I are starting a ballroom dancing class this week. I am super excited! Kevin, no-so-much. 🙂

We finally had a significant snow that is lingering. Looks like skiing is going to be a wash this year since the temperatures aren’t staying low enough. 😦

I think I’m getting sick of movies and TV. All of it seems to irritate me.

I think that is all for now. Happy Sunday!