I should probably feel guilty about not blogging since July… but I honestly don’t!

I thought about blogging a lot, but never got to it. Things have been incredibly busy… and stressful. I’m honestly just happy 2011 is over and I can put it behind me!

Looking toward 2012, I have come up with a number of goals.

  1. Focus on ME. I can’t take care of anyone else if I don’t take the time to focus on myself by getting healthy, active, and doing things that help me to focus on myself. I need to find myself this year.
  2. End the year lighter than I start it. As of my WI on 12/30/2011, I was 203 pounds. This is one pound ABOVE what I started at in 2008. This year, I will ring in 2013 below 203.
  3. Be active. We have been members of our gym for over a year and have probably been there less than 30 times. I’m going to strive to get to the gym 15 days out of every month. I will schedule this out as an appointment rather than an option.
  4. Take time for me. Every month, take one day just for me. See a movie, get a massage, etc. Spoil myself!
  5. Save 10% of my income. While I already save 5% in my retirement, I would like to have at least 10% of my salary in my savings at the end of the year. I will do this by automatically moving money to savings every other week.
  6. Stick to our budget utilizing the envelope method.

I think that is all for now! None of these goals are unattainable, but they will all take some initiative.

Here’s to 2012!