In the past couple of months (since I’m a horrible blogger and have failed to update!), I have not only taken a ton of pictures with my new camera, I have outfitted it with and awesome camera strap. I wasn’t sure if I would like the green one, so I also bought a floral one in pastel tones.

It has worked out wonderfully since Kevin bought me a film Nikon N80. I have the digital outfitted with the green and the film with the aqua and pink.

I had toyed with the idea of sewing my own straps. These are so awesome that I don’t know that mine would have been able to compare!

I love them! They really make the camera and I smile each time I see them.

CAMERA STRAP in Solid Olive Green
CAMERA STRAP in Solid Amy Butler Mint Paisley
Both images are courtesy of Broward Patch on Etsy. I love the work that Jen does!
And no, I have not been compensated to say anything about these straps. I just really love them and they are great quality!