Things have been fairly quiet this week, which I am incredibly thankful for. Kevin and I have needed a fairly easy week given all that has been going on.

Today was an interesting day though. I actually wore a dress to work.

That never happens. Never. Like I only wore a dress once before.

I even wore heels. The last time I wore a dress I wore boots.

My normal attitude is something along the lines of the following:


(I never wear lipstick, but I ALWAYS comb my hair and wear a bra!)

I got a bunch of compliments… first from Kevin (love him!) and then from the gentleman who parked nest to me, my boss, and couple coworkers. It was crazy!

But, it made me feel great!

Even if I’m not perfect or at my goal weight, I can still look good.

In other news, Kevin and I will be having a bunch of visitors this month. It’s amazing how when you decide to stay home (as opposed to traveling to visit someone nearly every weekend), people respond by actually traveling to you! So far we have six visitors planned for the rest of the month. I can’t wait!