I started Weight Watchers in April of 2008.

Working in a hospital, health was clearly in the forefront. An At-Work meeting was being offered on Wednesday’s over lunch.

The best part: Our hospital-provided insurance covered the cost of attending the meetings.

I had nothing to lose. Except, of course, the weight.

With the program, I finally felt like things were falling into place. I had a fabulous support system with my coworkers and the weight was creeping off. By the end of the first ten weeks, I had lost 10 pounds.

At this point in the program, I barely noticed any changes in my body, but others were beginning to notice that I was getting a bit thinner. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taking the entire program to heart as I still had the “all-or-nothing” mentality. I refused to eat out because I couldn’t be ABSOLUTELY sure of points values. I didn’t eat my weekly points. And I also, in error, didn’t count my oils from my daily points. Not counting oils wasn’t really a problem as I wasn’t eating my weekly points anyway!

Eventually, I loosened up and learned that I could eat out and still lose. I even lost weight at Disney World! Things were going great.

I started graduate school that fall and had everything I needed for success. I even got down to 166 pounds! Only 11 pounds above the healthy weight range for my five and a half foot frame!

I subsequently gained back weight living with my parents for two months the following summer. About ten pounds. I hovered in the mid-170’s for the next year.

In May of 2010, I again reached 166 pounds. I then, moved and had a lot of family and personal obstacles, putting on 30 pounds in the next 6 months.

All of my hard work.


I was very excited to Weight Watchers new program to come on in November, but despite my best efforts, it hasn’t worked out in my favor. I continue to gain, even when I follow the plan to a “T”.

I’m switching back to the former Momentum plan tomorrow after my weigh-in and I’m absolutely thrilled. I know this plan and I know it work, not just for me and my lifestyle, but also for the long-term. It’s familiar, I have everything I need.

Including new-found motivation. šŸ™‚