Since Kevin and I have been insanely busy, and with Valentine’s Day falling on a weeknight, we decided to celebrate during the weekend.

We went out to dinner at a local restaurant, called O’Donnell’s. It was okay. I was expecting it to be a lot better considering that the company has been around for over a hundred years. I had grilled shrimp with a crab cake and garlic mashed potatoes. This meal was prefaced with a caesar salad (dressing on the side, of course). The crab cake had an ingredient that I wasn’t used to and was fairly underwhelming. It looked like someone spooned a watery crab mixture on the plate. The shrimp were pretty good, but again, nothing special. The mashed potatoes were “skimpy” according to Kevin. Needless to say, I doubt we’ll be going back. For a place that is known for its seafood, we weren’t impressed.

When we got home, I made Kevin and I each a Molten Chocolate Cake. The have become a tradition in our house for Valentine’s Day. And they are SO easy to make!

Unfortunately, our cakes would not release when I went to invert them onto a plate. They still taste great though!