Ever have one of those weekends that feels more like work than your job?

That was us this weekend.

We took off on Friday afternoon and headed to Central PA to get all of our things out of our old house in order to finally complete our move. We arrived at four and went to visit Kevin’s old coworkers at the college. They were super nice!

After that, we headed over to the house (a whole 5 minutes away!) and started boxing things up. Around 7 we traveled to the strip and ate some yummy pizza. I then conned Kevin into taking me to HomeGoods. They have the BEST one there! I love it!

Our purchases there included:

Gym towels (we are joining a gym this week!) — $2.99/each
Scrapbook stickers (5 sheets for $3… Martha Stewart’s brand)
A Mat Pack for scrapbooking — $2.99
Non-pariel style Rainbow Sprinkles

Not too much but we were on a limited budget and limited space with the move!

We then trekked back to the house and boxed up most of what was left. It was fairly emotional packing up that part of our lives. It got the most of us and we inflated the air bed and hit the hay (or random chair cushions… since we forgot our pillows and comforter).

Saturday we got up and finished packing the house, garage and attic. Our respective fathers’ arrived at about noon and Kevin treated us all to lunch. Then, we got to work loading the Uhaul that I reserved at the last minute.

We did it all! And started the four hour ride back to Maryland. By the time we were finished unloading, everyone was tired and short with one another. My dad started the two-hour drive home and Kevin’s dad got situated to spend the night. Once we were all settled, we went up the street to Long Horn Steakhouse for dinner.

After dinner, we came home and went directly to bed. I was never so happy to see my bed!

Today, Sunday, Kevin and his dad went to IHOP for breakfast and had a horrible time (hair in their drinks… staff in the bathroom coughing and touching themselves and not washing their hands post-bathroom use). I got up and got ready for church. Church was about what the Bible says about finances. It was very enlightening and I’m optimistic about how I can use the principles I learned in my life and the management of my own finances. After church I attended a Newcomer’s Brunch. It was basically an “All About Me” for the church. I found it very informative and I am very excited to get involved and connected in the church community.

Once I got home, at 3, Kevin and I broke down some boxes and headed to Trader Joe’s, dinner at Crisp & Juicy, the storage unit, and Giant.

I’m ready for some rest and relaxation!