Well, this installment of my life comes with some sad news. My Tinsel has died. She was hit by a car during a storm on Friday afternoon. I am really, really sad about it, but it helps to think that she doesn’t have to be sick anymore. She kept losing weight and was throwing up after she ate. She is finally with her babies too.

It’s just strange though. I don’t have to shut my door at night anymore because I don’t want her to come in and clean herself on my bed all night long. She will never try to wake me by nudgeing her head under my chin. She will never wait or paw at the door to be let in or out. She will never beg at the table for food. She will never sit and watch TV or play with my knitting again.

Me and Tinny grew up together and I am incredibly sad that she is no longer a roaming around. It has hit my family so hard. She was definitely a huge part of our family. I just don’t want her to be dead, despite knowing that I can’t bring her back.

That’s all for now.