Well, where to start…

I don’t really remember where I left off and I guess it’s not all that important, but some things have definitely changed. Good or bad, I am not quite sure as of yet.

The biggest change happens to be that I had a birthday. The BIG 2-1. Yeah, twenty one. I have realized that in the whole scheme of things, I don’t really have that much more to look forward to age-wise. To clarify, when you are born, your parents look forward to all the milestones that are associated with age. A first birthday party, the terrible twos, kindergarten at age five, becoming a teenager, turning 16 and getting the keys to the car, 18 and voting/buying tobacco products/lottery tickets, and then you finally reach 21 and everything ends… for a while at least. What else is there to look forward to? 65 and collecting social security… well, I am not so sure it will even be there when I have the chance to collect. Seriously, folks, what is there to look forward to… In terms of age. I can’t think of anything. If you do, let me know.

So, I am 21. Not that big of a deal if you ask me, but then again I am definitely not one to be all crazy drunk all over the place. Hell, I’ve never even been drunk. Anyway, my actually birthday was pretty uneventful for the most part. I woke up at seven to try to get into the last of the ochem labs at eight… I was victorious for which I seriously attribute to some sort of birthday miracle.  (Both of my parents called before 8 AM… about that). I went to my other class and then went to the Carnegie Museum and saw the Bog People with Dallas. It was pretty cool, but I had to pay to get in because it was some sort of special exhibit… whatever, take my money. Then we all went to band practice for two hours and then the annual pep rally and bonfire for another two or so… I don’t really remember the timeframe, but we finally got back to Square One around ten.

Have I mentioned how much I love my roommates? I don’t think I have. But I do. So much. I came back from lab to all sorts of Birthday greetings… which totally made my day! And Elizabeth and Dallas made me a birthday cake… funfetti, of course, which I blew the sprinkles off of when I blew out my candles. Fire in the dorms… who knew? Anyway… then we ate my cake and ice cream and I opened my wonderful present from my Elizabeth and my hilarious card from Dallas. We, Dallas, Kara, Cary, Elizabeth and myself, eventually found ourselves at Joe Mama’s with everyone we have ever met and I ate my “birthday dinner” with my first legal drink… a razmopolitan, for anyone who cares to know. They took pictures… first of the waiter carding me, then giving me my drink, me drinking my drink…  It was a good night.

Another big change was that I finally marched my first show at Heinz Field. It was amazing to say the least. I don’t think I will ever forget it. It was sort of reminiscent of competitions in Scranton or Frawleigh Stadium, but with smoke when we run cadence out of the tunnels. It’s amazing.

Classes have started as well and I think I finally have my schedule all worked out. Some of my classes are incredibly boring, but I need them to graduate. You win some and you lose some.

Until we meet again.