A little update.

Camp is over… It was an awesome year and I am so sad to be leaving my girls, but it had to happen. I really adored some of them and will miss them something fierce. It was different this year as I began and ended each day with 20-odd hugs from my campers. They were all so dear.

I am still working at LGH. They offered me an internship for the rest of the summer which is pretty cool. I am learning so much about pathology, histology, cytology being in each of the respective labs. LOVE IT.

The doctor has me being all nutritious and going to the gym too. Awesome. Progress, kids. Progress.

I leave for school in less than two weeks and man, am I ever anxious. This band deal has me all nervous. I even bought new pants for it and everything!

That’s about all I care to write about for now. Except I had an awesome dinner with Sherri and Steve tonight. It was great to see both of them and I am glad that we got to spend a generous amount of time with each other (Thanks, guys!).

Tomorrow is going to be so long and then Saturday is the “Second Bailey Family Reunion” to be held at 154 Oak Road. Awesome-ness. Too bad none of you are Bailey’s.  

Oh, and my birthday is in 26 days. Yay!