It has been a while.

I hung out with some people since I last wrote in this thinger. Namely, Christy and Sherri, Bethany is a given, but you are soon to realize why I never see anyone… EVER.

Last weekend, I headed down to Bethany with Dallas for the weekend. We had an AMAZING time. We stayed at my Uncle’s beach house which is adjacent to Sea Colony (this HUGE resort that basically makes up three quarters of the entire beach). It was awesome as we were in my usual room…. the bedrooms are absolutely massive, especially for a beach house. Evan and Dale were hilarious…. staying up until all hours, partying when their dad went home, surfing. Saturday Dallas, Dale, and I went to a private beach and Dale went surfing… poor guy hit himself on the ball of his cheek with the fin of the surfboard and was bleeding. However, Dallas and I had a great time “riding the waves” and I even went out into the water so that it was over my head! It was a red letter day! haha. My parents came down that night and bought us dinner… blah for pizza, but it was fun anyway. Dallas and I then went out later that night for “fun”. Sunday we visited with Dallas’ brother and sister at Ocean City which was fun even though the restaurant we went to boasted the worst waiter on earth… sigh. We then went to the beach again… this time at OC with like nine thousand people. We even got her brother to get in the water…. somehow I ripped up the top of my foot though. AND I DIDN’T GET SUNBURN!!! Once we were all clean again, Dallas and I went to this amazing restaurant that advertises omelettes and crepes as their specialty. So, our dear waiter, Roman, complete with accent, served us the “Hot Fudge Sundae Crepe” which was to die for. So wonderful. It’s french vanilla ice cream covered in a crepe topped with chantilly with hot fudge which is then covered in a ton of strawberries and slivered almonds! It’s absolutely amazing. We then went back to the house and hung out for a while… took a much needed nap and hung out with the boys, eventually getting some dinner at the boardwalk in Bethany. We returned once again and watched some tv with Evan and then went to bed at one. Then the party started and somehow Dallas and I were exhausted because we slept through the majority of it. I woke up at about four thirty and the party was still going full force… (we had wanted to leave at four) so I got everything ready and Dallas loaded up in the car and said our goodbyes and we were on the road home by five fifteen! It was great! However, then my Dallas had to go home to go see her daddy in Seattle… but I get to go to Seattle next year!!!! YAY!

Other things that have been keeping me busy…. I am working at PLGSC Camp each day from 9-4. It keeps me jumping, but the girls are good for the most part. Some have issues listening, but all in all, its been a good few weeks. I think my major problem is that I get attached to the girls and it is always hard for me to leave them at the end of the month. There are a couple girls that I know it is going to tear me apart to say goodbye to as I know this will be my last year doing camp since I am staying in Pittsburgh next summer. One of the funniest comments from camp so far: “Boys aren’t allowed to touch girls… it’s against the law, they will go to JAIL.” haha I love the innocence.

In addition to camp, I am working in the lab at LGH from 7-9 each morning. They let me do all sorts of things and I absolutely love the pathologists. The worst part is waking up at the break of dawn to leave here by 6:30, but it is SO worth it. They were trying to recruit me to cut the tissue samples in the histology lab. The machine scares me a bit though, but it’s pretty cool none-the-less. It really has been a good experience so far and I hope that it continues. They have promised me that I will be able to see more once I am there for more than two hours. I hope to spend some time in the Gross Room (where they cut the tissue samples) and basically see everything that goes on. Its a lot of fun and I’m rather sad I never thought to check it all out before. It also makes me a little more excited about biology… so that’s an added plus!

I met with my doctor that I am shadowing this year, but I won’t be able to meet with him again until after camp as my hours conflict with his. He seems rather impersonal which is deterring, but I am going to give him another chance. I hope it all works out. I did shadow a dentist (Dallas’ stepdaddy) though and really enjoyed it, so I don’t think I’m going to rule out dentistry as a profession either. Some people have really huge teeth! haha.

I am also painting a house right now for my dad’s friend, Nick. He just bought the house and it is downright huge. We have two weeks to paint the entire thing. UGH. It’s getting me to more money though so I’m not complaining, but it makes for a really long day going from one thing to the other from 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM. Believe me!

That’s all that I have going on right now. If anyone has any free time, I would love to see you…. and remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.