I think I hurt myself something fierce. My left side is killing me and I can’t get comfortable enough to sleep unless I am laying on the couch and the back of the couch sort of supports my side. I have no idea what I did to myself… nothing comes to mind that would make me hurt so badly and I don’t remember doing anything very traumatic. Goodness. I think I am just going to hang out and watch tv for another couple hours then go to church and go to sleep for a while. I think I slept a while half hour “last night.” I know I went to bed at one and read my book, which I finished, until 3:20ish. Then I couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep because of the pain radiating through the left side of my body. Somewhere I slept a little bit but woke up in time for my dad to get up for work at 5:20. I have been watching tv since then…. Needless to say, it has been a GREAT night.

Other things that I don’t need to complain about…. I went to Eric’s eagle ceremony. I am really proud of him for finally achieving the eagle rank. He and Adam started together and I am so happy that both of them got their eagle. Awesome job, kids. Awesome.

What else? Dallas and I are heading to Pittsburgh on Thursday for a brief trip. I need to see my advisor on Friday and she needs to do some research. It should be fun assuming my body stops hurting so I can drive or at least be comfortable enough to try to sit that long.

My summer class is over. I have a perfect 100% which is awesome. Too bad it won’t figure into my QPA at Pitt.  My professor was amazing though and I am actually sad that I never get to see her again. All of you guys at MU better take her classes! Each class is basically a discussion, but I feel like I learned SO MUCH!!!

I just learned something on tv… Smoking increases your chance of lung cancer by 2000 fold compared to 20 for second hand smoke. However, second hand smoke is worse on your heart that if you are a smoker youself. A little education for you all.

Well, I guess this is all for now… I got sidetracked. Lo siento.