Congratulations to Penn Manor’s Class of 2005!!!!



So much has happened in the past couple of weeks that I don’t even know where to begin.


Dallas came to visit me Memorial Day weekend and we had an amazing time. We purchased the most amazing minibar ever. Come check it out before I take it with me to Pittsburgh. I took her to so many places: Intercourse to Kitchen Kettle and all of the shops, shopping at the mall (apparently everyone does not have an H&M, to see the grandparents (who now love her!), to Renninger’s (where we purchased our minibar by haggling the guy down from $200 to $42… go us!), the Memorial Day garage sales and flea market in Landisville and Salunga… It was all amazing. I think I did more shopping that I have ever done in my life.


A little dialogue for you all…

Me: Dallas, you can’t always get what you want.

Dallas: You know what, Laurena? All that I learned today was that I can get what I want if I wear a lowcut shirt and turn on the flirting.


She wanted more shoes (the girl only has like 38,947,234 pairs) and our incredible minibar is the reference to the learning that she can get what she wants. We have wayyyyy too much fun together.


What else? I have spent mucho tiempo con Bethany. We fish (which I am awesome at… ), watch movies (such as The Notebook), shop (I actually try clothing on now… it surprises her), and just hang out together visiting art galleries and other fun things. What is even better is that Bethany loves Dallas and they get along famously!


I have talked to my Elizabeth a couple times. I do actually miss her despite everything. Hopefully I will get to see her when I head out to Pittsburgh next week!


Today was graduation at Penn Manor and I have so many emotions. I am so proud of Adam and everyone else. It was great to see so many of my own classmates (though some I wish I had not seen). Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I am glad this day finally arrived. About that air conditioning in the gym…


I don’t really have anything to complain about right now. I am content.


Let me know how you are all doing! I miss you!