Where to begin.

Last week… I continued my job hunt and got everything set up for the summer as far as class and volunteering go. I decided to volunteer at both hospitals and hope that it will take up the majority of my time. The family had a picnic for Mother’s Day with my aunts’ and my Gram. It was really nice. I also hit up the spring concert at the high school.

This past Friday was prom @ PM. I had helped on the committee for a couple weeks so it was awesome to see everything come together. It was also great to see Adam and his date (and friends) getting ready and driving off. I am making him a DVD of the night with all of the pictures he took put to music. I am excited to get to work on it. I also got to go help out at post-prom for like two hours while the kids got there. It was set up different than my/our prom and I must say that it definitely wasn’t as nice. A lot of people agreed with me on this so I don’t feel as bad saying so. Anyway, it was great to see Alana and everyone else on such a special day.

My summer class started Monday and I actually really like it. I have a paper due Friday that I have to read so incredibly much for. I should probably continue my reading as I am about halfway through. Awesome. I think the material is actually really fun because it’s a bunch of short stories. They seem to hold my attention more than just text that goes on and on and on and on.

I hope everyone is having a good time at home, or at school (Sam). Have a great week, kids!