Saw The Shins last night at the Carnival at CMU. We had a good time, minus the cold and all the drunk people.

Elizabeth and I sat on the lawn yesterday and watched all of the people playing football, frisbee, baseball, and even a wedding rehearsal at Heinz Chapel. (We picked out husbands… Yay for us). It’s so gorgeous out. I can’t believe my good fortune in that. Usually the weather downright sucks, but not lately… it makes everything seem a little better than it really is.

It was a good night.

We have finals in one week. Then it’s home time. I need to get classes approved for my gen ed’s and then get enrolled for summer. I did get some approved, but they don’t count for anything I need… irritating.

Tonight we are going to a toga party… shortly Elizabeth and I are going outside to look for leaves for our laurel wreath crowns. It’s going to be awesome. I don’t think I have ever worn a bedsheet outside before.

Have a great night, kids. I know I will.