I don’t have all that much to say right now, but here are some highlights of what has been going on.

I decided that I really want to come home for the summer. So, I am probably going to push organic 2 to the fall instead of staying and doing it this summer. Instead, I will probably take some summer classes at home. Everyone seems to think that this is a much better idea… everyone being my parents, friends, and myself.

However, I am apprehensive about putting organic off for too long that I will forget it. I might sit in on some classes at MU or F&M for it.

I have been going to orientations for Children’s Hospital the past few days. I am really excited about being there as I will get a lot of hands-on experience with children that you can’t really get with adults.

Classes are winding down for the semester. I am so glad. I have this huge weight that seems to be loosening it’s grip on me. I am excited for sun and for seeing my Bethany. Seeing Cameron’s kindergarten graduation. Seeing Adam’s graduation. Just seeing all those people that I miss.

It will be a studying marathon from here on out, but then again, it has been for a long time now. Dallas and I spend crazy amounts of time studying, though it has been hindered lately due to the “crisis”. We have claimed a room in the cathedral as our own and stay there until all hours of the night. I love it though. I get a huge desk where I can spread all of my work out. Lovely.

I hope everyone is enjoying how beautiful it is outside.

Roxanne gave me daffodils for my desk and they have made me so happy!