Time for a “real” update…

Last week was insane. That’s all I plan to say about that.

Friday night, Dallas and I went to “Greek Sing” in Soldiers and Sailors Memorial. It is when most of the sororities and fraternities on campus pair up, one sorority with one fraternity, and do a choreographed dance (about ten minutes in length) to their choice of music, but the catch is that there must be someone singing somewhere in the “dance” or they will lose points. So, after a whole three and a half hours of this, Dallas’ roommate, Ugonnah’s sorority won. (Also the same sorority as Lauren Dumm… for the PM people). It was pretty exciting with the awards and all, but as Ugonnah described it for us previous to the show, “it’s pure sex on stage”. Ugonnah’s boyfriend, Phillipe, was also in it. He was pretty good too. However, his real name isn’t Phillipe, Dallas and I named him that because Ugonnah wouldn’t tell us his real name right before we met him a couple months ago. Way too much fun!

Afterwards, we went to Fuel and Fuddle for dinner. We had this amazing Greek (P)ycoon which was basically a Greek pizza. It had sundried tomatos with spinach and feta cheese over olive oil. It also had artichokes which were okay, but I definitely got mine without onions… yucky. It was really good though. Then we did something and something and ended up sleeping at some point.

On Saturday, I trekked to the strip district to see all of the auction items at the Society for Contemporary Craft. I really liked this woven painting that was there… too bad I am much poorer than the astronomical price it was starting at for the silent auction. It was good to go to the strip though. It reminds me a lot of going to Market in Lancaster. I want to go down this weekend and just explore more though… hopefully it won’t rain either.

The rest of Saturday I lazed around and whatnot. I felt I deserved a break after the week I had. Except for when I was angry… that was a good time. Some people need to learn to get over themselves. There must be a separation between home and school. I think it’s probably rather unhealthy to talk to those from home for hours upon hours a day. Especially if you are going to get pissy afterwards. I’m really not in the mood, people.

Sunday, I went with Kara to Elizabeth’s “Spring Concert Gala” at the Carnegie Music Hall. It was pretty cool. The music hall is gorgeous itself and the concert band player very well. Songs such as “Vesuvius” and “Cenotaph” were played with some John Philip Sousa in there for good measure. Later that day, I went to Catholic Mass at St. Paul’s with Dallas. Wow, has it been a long time since I went to a Catholic Church service!

Other things… I am debating a new major. I am actually reading a book for pleasure. I talked to Marie today! I talked to band director today. I get my hair cut tomorrow afternoon. For free! I get to go to Day at the Spa. Also Free. I have no exams until finals!!!

Have a great day, folks!