Your dating personality profile:

Religious – Faith matters to you. It is the foundation that you build your life upon. You trust that God has a plan for you.
Conservative – You take a conservative stance on most issues and aren’t shy about saying so. Your political views are an important component of who you are.
Traditional – Modern culture does not move you. You hold traditional values dear to your heart.

Your date match profile:

Religious – You seek someone who is grounded in faith and who possesses religious values. You believe that a religious person can enhance your life.
Traditional – You need someone who is a bit old-fashioned. A person with traditional values and beliefs will perfectly compliment your lifestyle.
Romantic – You need someone with a traditional understanding of romance. A true romantic is a must-have in any potential date.

Your Top Ten Traits

1. Religious
2. Conservative
3. Traditional
4. Romantic
5. Athletic
6. Shy
7. Big-Hearted
8. Intellectual
9. Funny
10. Practical

Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Religious
2. Traditional
3. Romantic
4. Practical
5. Funny
6. Big-Hearted
7. Adventurous
8. Conservative
9. Intellectual
10. Outgoing

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