Today makes another important death in my lifetime. My Mom-Mom. She died eight years ago today.

Not only was Mom-Mom one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, she was the most generous. I remember how much she loved all of us and was the glue that kept our family together. Boy, would she ever be unhappy with my mother’s father these days.

Mom-Mom always did special activities with me; we would walk to the brook that went through their property. There was even a bridge along their wooded, winding driveway. It was rather picturesque. She would make me sandwiches and give me lollipops out of the infamous lollipop box. Pop would always read to be on his lap in his blue chair. I remember them getting older and sleeping in separate rooms and how pretty the house looked at christmas. Even the cannonball stuck in the stone wall around the perimeter of the driveway that Adam, as well as all of the boys/men of the family, tried to pry out.

I remember baby showers and wedding showers with Mom-Mom. We would always pick her up along the way. She always knew exactly what to buy and had wonderful fashion sense. She was always reading to “keep her brain sharp”.

And I miss her. So very much.