Today is the big two year mark. Even though the whole thing seems like just yesterday.

This is the day that marks Charlie’s death. I remember that day so clearly. I remember my mom sitting me down and telling me that something happened to Cassie’s dad…. and I remember me asking if he was going to be okay.

“No hunny, he’s not.”

Which is where a lot changed. It was rainy that day. And cold.

And one of my best friend’s had lost her father, whom I happened to adore.

When I first met Charlie, I didn’t think he liked me, but as time went on, I realized how much I was loved by both him and Brenda. He was always there at band and anything else that Cassie or Mac did. He was a wonderful person and a great father. I miss him so much… especially at Cassie’s wedding this past year and celebrating Brianne’s first birthday. It’s comforting to think that he is there in spirit, but heartbreaking watching the way that his family is moving on. They all miss him so much.

Charlie meant different things to different people, but to me, he meant happiness and fun. I remember how much he loved Christmas and how his likeness was very Santa-like. Jolly.

He used to always call me “trouble” and did the very last time I saw him. When I was late and trying to get to band on time. And I pretty much breezed right past him. I remember him not feeling well on that trip and I guess it was just an indication of what was to come.

I miss Charlie a lot, but the pain is subsiding. I know he will always be with me in my memories, if not in my heart.