Update. Update. Update.

I came home Friday night… arrived at mi casa around 11 PM.

I don’t really remember that night too much, except for that my bed was really toasty… which made me VERY happy.

Uhh… Saturday I hung out around the house. Rather boring time. Then went bingo-ing with the crazies. It was fun and I won my mother this picnic basket that values $108. GO ME! Yea, about how Deanna brought her bird Pogo (as in the stick) with us. He wears a diaper and is on a leash. It’s great. After that, I caught about three quarters of the musical and to tell you the truth, other than Chris Dennis being the worst singer on earth… the casting was amazing. Both John and my Julie had wonderful performances and I am so excited for John and Andrew to be in Pittsburgh next year. After visiting nine million people, I headed into town.

I had a really good time talking to Marie… even though Cam was just slightly out of control with refusing to settle down and go to sleep. That’s what happens when the child takes naps. He’s so cute. And smart. He read me some books!

And today. I woke up and contemplated church, but wasn’t sure that my grandparents were there. Then the bro and I ran errands and hung out, eventually I left the house and visited with Cassie, Jeremy and Brianne (who is getting sooooo big!). I think went to Sherri’s as she had invited me over to hang out, but after like 20 minutes of her not answering any doors… (I assumed you fell asleep, Sherri) I went to my grandparents.

My grandmother got a new piano yesterday and was insanely excited to show me it. Both of them are worried that my Uncle Chuck will be angry that they spent the money, his inheritance, on a new piano. SPEND YOUR MONEY!!! That’s my motto for them. They earned it; they should spend it.

Then my dad showed up there because he likes to stalk me. So, we ate ice cream.

Then I went with Daddy to the Lancaster post office.

Then I played with my Sims on the new computer.

Then I helped with Physics.

Now, I am here.

I love you all. Call me. I’m bored.