I have spent more time at Club Hillman these past few weeks than I have anything else. In one day, I can spend more time there than I did all last year. I think I went into the library about three times all last year… and that was only because I had to get books for writing papers or other things.

I spent today studying for my bio practical which is on Thursday this week (6 PM). I then get to wake up and take my Ochem exam at 10. YAY! Hopefully, I will get another A on my exam despite the unlikely nature of that. However, the second time around makes it all a little easier.

Things are still looking up for me. It amazes me how so much can change and a person can really find where they belong. I am almost dreading spring break because I am so used to being with everyone here. I am looking forward to it because I am contemplating going to see Allie…. and I am excited to see the family, though i could live without the drama. I don’t know what else I am going to do.

Slight change of subject…. I was thinking about some stuff today and it just came to me that sometimes a person doesn’t really realize where the end of a friendship is. That it just ends. And neither of you is really sad about it. There are some that you make a conscious choice that “I am not your friend, this person is a psycho” and then there are the others that are there one day and the next you wake up and they have somehow walked theirselves out of your life. Even though they are still in the same city as you, they aren’t really with you. Just a thought. Life is an amazing thing.

I hope everyone is have a great Monday! I will see you all soon!