One more week until SPRING BREAK!

I am pretty excited about that and not having to do much of anything during it. I will have just had an exam in each of my classes when I return. Fun, fun.

I am so happy that I made it through this week. Somehow, I made it through the paper situation and my TA even looked over my paper and said it was both “wonderful” and “perfect”. So, I can rest easy on that one.

My exam was another story. One we will talk about when we get our grades returned.

Other stuff…. There isn’t too much going on as I have been on studying marathon for the past week. The girls and I are going to have a type of “Girls Night” which we do most Fridays. So, that should be fun.

I didn’t go ice skating last night… I decided my studying was more important. And it’s looks like a winter wonderland outside. YAY for more snow!

That’s about all, folks! The countdown is on!