It has been quite a week, but not nearly as stressful as next week is going to be. Some ups; some downs. And me being about three seconds from a panic attack this morning… technically, yesterday morning.

‘Tis the time for exams… pretty much everywhere, I assume. I believe they are all trying to fit them in before spring break. I had my stats exam this morning and have at least one exam in every class I am taking between now and spring break. Yay!

However, I think I got an A on my stats exam… but I am not going to count my chickens before they’ve hatched!

This morning, I thought Elizabeth was dead. She usually is up before me and we agreed to meet for breakfast at 9:20, giving us enough time to eat and get to Organic at 10. So, she never shows… which was okay, I figured she just overslept, but then it was 9:50 and I knew she wouldn’t miss chem unless she was dead. So, I knocked on the door…. nothing. Came back to my room and decided to knock again… still nothing. So, I start to panic. I contemplated ways to get in the room and other ways to wake her up… assuming she was still alive. Anyway, to make my story here a little shorter, I left her a note that I would get her “take home quiz” from chem and that “sincerely hoped she wasn’t dead”. I mean really, she’s going to be my roommate come fall, that would screw everything up! haha. She never shows in chem. So, I am still in a state of panic. I worry because she won’t make her damn doctor’s appointment (yes, Elizabeth…. you need to do that!). By the grace of God, I ran into Dallas who informs me that no, Elizabeth is not dead, but is no longer idle online. I breathe a sigh of great relief and go on to stats to ace my exam! What a lovely end to my story!

I also ate dinner with the boy. As I inadvertently told him no when he asked me last week. Some people, such as myself, have issues.

I have a lot of stress this coming week. I have an “examination” (which is really a paper) due on Thursday for history. My paper is about the “push” and “pull” factors of migration for both free, indentured, and slave peoples to New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern states during 1607 to 17—something. Not too difficult, it’s just a matter of sitting down and writing it out. I plan on writing most of it today (Saturday). I also have a neuroscience exam on Thursday… so, I need to type up my notes and listen to my lectures again. Organization is key for these babies as they are open note, but quite difficult because you are able to use your notes!

The week after that, I have an organic exam and a biology lab practical… and something else! I forget. Must not be too important.

Then spring break! My saving grace.

More later, kiddos!