Sorry about the last post, kids. I was a little angry.

Today was rainy which wears me out. I’m sure the minimal amount of sleep I got last night helped as well. Let’s just say that at 3:30 AM I found myself eating rice and watching ER reruns on TBS. Fun times. Really.

Today was pretty good… except the rain, of course. I gave out Finding Nemo valentines with special “flashy foil”. I love when I can do nice things for other people, just to make them smile.

I also had an advising appointment today for fall classes. I am working on setting up a lab position which I am really excited about. I can work with monkeys or chicks if I really can’t deal with rats. My schedule is crazy for the next two years though.

Other stuff. I realized that I have an “examination” in every class before spring break. So, I have a little bit of stress about that right now. I wonder if I have a lab practical, too. I should check up on that before I sleep.

Tomorrow is a pretty laid back day… Just history and neuroscience.

I think I am going to try to get some credits out of the way this summer. We’ll see though. However, I am signed up for OChem 2 here this summer… with lab. Oh, joy. I am just not so sure I want to be in Pittsburgh for six weeks this summer…. by myself.

I am going to head to bed now. Have a great day, folks!