I haven’t really been “writing” much of anything in here lately. I suppose it is about time I get to doing that.

Everything seems to be going well with me right now. Nothing tragic to report.

Pittsburgh is an amazing city. You all should come visit and see for yourselves…. Sherri, you need to come out here again!

Yesterday was Elizabeth’s birthday. We decided to take her to the incline and to Hard Rock for the celebratory part of it. We thought that was more her style than anything else we could have done. It was a good time. Dallas and I also made her a cake at Greg’s apartment. What an ordeal that was! However, the cake was actually pretty good… if I do say so myself. AND she actually liked her presents. A good day, people. Very good.

I think I am intentionally ripping my life apart. Piece by piece. It’s not like it’s falling apart, but that I am doing it to myself for no apparent reason. I just feel inadequate. Does that make sense? I think I am incapable of living a life in which I am truly content. I always want more… and once I achieve what I want, I persue even more. It’s hard for me to be happy at whatever stage I am in life; it’s hard for me to live in the moment.

Don’t take me too seriously here. This is what too much free time does to a person…. Not really free time, but time I choose to do nothing during.

There are probably going to be a lot of “protected” posts here for a while. I’m not really kean on a certain person reading this for entertainment and to lie to other people about me. As that is what she does best.

As Bethany always writes, “only the strong….”