Well, today was a wonderful day.

Last night I watched both “The Village” and “Blink” with Dallas and Kara so I didn’t return to the room until who knows when. We also did craft projects and had some sort of late night party in the computer lab. Dallas and I were in hysterics and we were terrified that the computer lab techs were going to yell at us. Much fun.

I got up at some point this morning and did some stuff for a while and then went to lunch with Lizza at like 2:30… I don’t remember the exact time. Came back and worked on some stuff and kind of got all my things in order.

Then I went along with Kara, Dallas, and Greg as Kara took pictures of Dallas and Greg for a “secret” project for the next big holiday. It was hilarious. So many trashy pictures that are oh-so-reminiscent of high school. There are these crazy lockers in the basement of the cathedral and we threw Greg and Dallas up against them. It’s so great. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

I then came back here and hung out with Dallas for a bit… Took a nap in my room and then met up with Dallas again and decided against the party scene tonight. It just seemed like too far to walk without a jacket in the freezing cold. I don’t need to be sickly right now!

So, Dallas, Greg, and I bundled up at Greg’s and went out to play in the snow on the Cathedral lawn. It was great. No one was there and we had a blast. Greg was cross country skiing and Dallas and I were making “beautiful masterpieces” in the snow. Just go look at the lawn when you read this… although that’s rather impossible for most of you. It’s lovely. Ask me if you want to know what we “created”.

Dallas and I then got warm clothes on and trekked to both 7-Eleven and Rite-Aid in search of ice cream. Then, after a brief time, we watched “Sleeping Beauty” only we didn’t really watch it, we pretty much talked with Dallas’ roommate. Good times.

That’s about all right now. I think I’m going to head to bed.

Have a great day people!

By the way, this football situation is giving me monumental amounts of stress.

Just had to let you know!