Well, it has been quite the rocky two weeks. I ended up going home Monday night (the 10th) only to return to Pittsburgh Tuesday night. It was a lot of travel, a lot of emotions, and a lot of crying.

I’m really going to miss my Uncle Harv. It makes me really sad. It didn’t really hit me until the funeral, when my entire family was there, when I wrote out a card with my memories of him. Seeing him lying in the casket up front, I half expected him to sit up and look at us all and tell us that he was just joking, but that didn’t happen. The situation was really happening and I had to face reality. Gosh, I remember so many wonderful times with him… when I was little he would give me horsey rides and sing me little rhymes, he and my Gram taught me to play so many card games, we collected stamps together, we went to church together, we had almost every holiday together, he was at all of my family birthday suppers. He was my family in the warmest and most genuine sense of the word. And I love him as I do the rest of my family. It’s so hard now though. My grandparents lost their best friend… it’s huge. There is a hole in our family now… and we are all feeling it. He would always ask how my boyfriend was doing… ever since I was in middle school or he would tell me “you aren’t the best, but there’s none better” or “don’t go away mad, just go away”. He was always smiling. I hope to always remember his Godly heart and gentle ways. I miss him so much.

That’s really the most important part of this post.

Some other things, however.

I seem to find myself very irritated with some things going on in Conestoga. A certain person apparently seems to think that I am deceitful. Well, dear, no one I know seems to think I am and I happen to pride myself on telling the truth. I am very open with what I think and will typically tell you outright. I can’t help that you don’t listen to the simple requests I make or that you can’t respect me enough to adhere to my requests regarding my family life. I also can’t help that you lie about every single thing you do… almost habitually, like you don’t realize you are even doing it. I can think of at least five things off the top of my head that you lied to me about. A person can only take so much… and I happen to not like people who lie to me.

My only regret is that I spent so much time with someone who would use me for their own gain… whatever it may be. Relationships are a two-way street; you have to give a little to get some back. Remember that.

Enough rambling about that.

Lately, I have found myself in some sort of emotional upset. I’ll be fine for three seconds in my dealings with other people, but the second I’m alone I freak out, but not always. It’s not a social thing because I don’t really know why exactly I am upset. Whatever.

I have done a lot of fun things lately though. Too many to list. So, just know I am having fun.

I might be home next weekend if anyone wants to give me a call, but seeing how apparently no one reads this anymore… I’ll call you.

P.S. I have the greatest family ever!!!