Spring classes have started and they aren’t as horrible as I thought they would be. More on that when I get a better handle on what they really are all about!

My Momma called me this morning to tell me that my Uncle Harv died. It’s a really big blow, but I believe that he is with his wife now. That thought gets me through. He had a full life and I hope he knew how much my family and I cherished him. Apparently, no one heard from him yesterday so his sister went down to his house and he was on the floor, by the time they got to the hospital it was too late. He will be greatly missed as even if he wasn’t my family by blood, he was in my heart.

I feel like I am in some sort of shock.

It seems like God really wants me to realize that my time on earth is precious and that I am not the one in control. Remember that: you are not in control. You never know when things like this will happen. Cherish the people you love.