So, tonight is my last night at home before heading back to Oakland aka Pittsburgh (for those not familiar with where exactly Pitt is located). I’m excited to go back, but not really feeling like I want to… all at the same time. The ride shouldn’t be too bad as my dad has decided that he is going to take me.

I think he decided to take me back because I have so much junk to take, but I am thinking he wants to go hunting as well. The cabin isn’t too far away from Pittsburgh so he can just hop off the turnpike!

Break has been good, short, yet still good. I have done so much stuff and I feel like it has all been so worthwhile. Some ups and some downs, but I think that all in all I have done very well for myself in good old Lancaster.

I went searching for a dress today… for the millionth time this break and finally settled on a rather simple, icy blue, cocktail length dress. I need to remember to get my silver shoes and whatnot to go with it. Goodness.

I am so tired today… probably because I haven’t slept very well here at home, partially because I have a lot of stress. I think I need to go back to school for a “vacation” from this place.

I need to pack!!!!

I think I am done rambling now. Sorry for wasting all of this time!

Have a great day, folks!