So, I remember writing an entry the first night or two that I was “home” in which I told you all about Cam. Just in case no one remembers, Cameron is my friend’s five year old son whom I just adore. Well, he wanted to come stay at my house when I was in to visit them the night I got home so I called earlier tonight to see if he wanted to come “camp” with me. So, after his mom had me ask him on the phone to a resounding “YES! YES! YES!” as well as a “Can we go see the train?!?!?!!” (meaning The Polar Express movie) to “Do you have gummi bears?!?!?!” of which I am sure he was jumping up and down during the entire conversation. Eventually my father and I picked the poor child up (after some adidas shopping… yay for cheapness).

My incredible father decided he wanted to drive the camaro and told Cam that car went fast. So, Cam doesn’t want to get in. I eventually get him in his car seat and he gets all upset. I’m like “well dad, thanks” but anyway, my dad then decides to play the Lion King soundtrack and tell Cam that there are bears where we live and snakes that will come get him. I, knowing full well how easy it is to scare Cam, try to assure him that the snakes and bears are all sleeping because it’s cold out. Cam then shreeks that “YOU ARE A LIAR!!!” to my father. haha. He’s hilarious.

So, after entertaining Cam with coloring coloring books and stencils, watching the beginning of Shrek 2, drinking hot chocolate, more coloring, book reading and God only knows what else, I got him up to bed and read him some books. That kid is so smart. I am telling you now! He is so good too. I read him three substantial books and left another up there with him and told him that he could read but that he wasn’t to get up from the bed unless he needed to use the bathroom or there was an emergency. I check him a couple minutes later and he’s reading to himself and then the second time I look in on him he was sound asleep! He’s a perfect angel!

Tomorrow we go see the “train”!


Also, tomorrow I need to head over to the Galleria. I need to exchange my lovely boots for some others and whatnot. They are HOTT (very deserving of two t) boots! Everyone should be so lucky as to have some like this!

Today my family was kicked out of the house because my dad decided that he needed to set off flea bombs as I am incredibly allergic to fleas. Apparently they weren’t a problem until I came home, but then again, I just attrack the damn bugs. So, my mom and I went to Auntie’s house and hung out for a while (on the way there, I got two new pairs of shoes). Then we went to the mall where I attempted to exchange my boots for the second time and tried on dresses and suits and anything I could possibly find in order to not have to wear my prom dress to this function I am apparently going to. Fruitless, fruitles, fruitless. So, Mom got some awesome new shoes and we headed home. Then I went and got Cam and well, hopefully you remember what I just wrote about all of that (and in case you don’t, just scroll up).

Tomorrow evening, Cass, Jeremy, Brianne, Brenda, and Mac are coming over for dinner. Sure to be a fun time!

I love you all…. I think.

Have a good one!