Well, all of my testing is over! A million needles and two IV lines later, we have some sort of idea what is wrong with my heart! Tuesday they shoved a half inch to three quarter inch tube down my throat and it hurt something fierce. Today I did the tilt table test which provokes/induces blackouts. I made it to 25 of 30 minutes and then started to go out! So, I never actually passed out, but was damn close and lost all muscle tone… there is a special word for that, but I don’t remember it. My blood pressure was 63/32 which is crazy low… normal is like 100/60 to 150/80 or something like that… not those numbers divided in half! It was great fun when I was almost to passing out… but it’s good that we know that my heart pretty much stops when I pass out! Fun times!

Other things…

I hung out with the group tonight. We went to the Hong Kong Garden and then hung out at Sherri’s apartment. I had a blast and it was amazing to see people I hadn’t seen in a while (well, some since we graduated pretty much!). We made plans for later in the week, so I am definitely excited!

I hope everyone is all set for Christmas… Only one more day!!!!

“It’s Christmas in our town….” but… “all I want for Christmas is you!”