Well, I am going in tomorrow morning to have my heart checked out and I was looking at the bloodwork I have to have done before my test on Thursday. Yea… about that pregnancy test they are going to do. I can assure them that I am in no way pregnant. Unless it’s immaculate conception… which would be great and all, but no. So, why are we wasting time and money?

I am kind of scared about all of this heart business. I keep hoping that they won’t find anything pressing tomorrow, but seeing how Mandalakas already told me that there is a hole in my septum, I can’t be too optimistic. We just need to find out which kind of hole. Then they all get to determine what to do. Oh, what fun!

(I just saw a commercial for the Fiesta Bowl!!!!… Sorry, sidenote! I screamed “LOOK, DADDY! THAT’S ME!!!!!!!”…. haha)

So, Adam is going to be taking me to this whole ordeal tomorrow morning since apparently I am not important enough for either of my parents to want to be there… take off a morning of work anyway. So, the boy is taking me. I guess they don’t do much in school right now anyway….

I think I am going to go play with my tenor. I need to get on that for this whole audition ordeal. However, I feel so many pressures about band and things I don’t want to happen happening, etc. I don’t like not knowing what is going to happen and I especially don’t like when people tell me what to do. Ugh. So, we’ll see!

Have a great night, folks!