Apparently some people forget that they came to me every time they had a problem… Guess what? I haven’t.

This whole situation is out of control and yes, you are selfish.


Other things….

It’s almost time for my review of the year on December 31st. We’ll see how exciting my life has really been.

I am really conflicted right now over some decisions I have to make shortly. I am not going to write about it on here because I might further bother some people, but if you want to help me out, let me know.

So far, in my like 12 hours of home time, I have made sugar cookies and read an entire book. GO ME!

Last night, my mom and Teresa came and picked me up in Harrisburg. We then got some grub and headed back to Teresa’s where I visited with everyone, before I even saw the rest of my family!

Cameron is just as cute as ever! He made me a special “coloring book”. It was so cute. I walked in and her ran over and was like “LAUREN!!! I MADE YOU THIS!!!” I love that boy and he will always be my baby! So, he sat there and wrote my name and his name and mom and grandma and pop-pop and Mark. It was incredibly cute. I let him color in one of the coloring pages I had printed out at school and he colored it, which was definitely one of his highlights of the night. I think my highlight was when he read to me. He was so incredibly excited when he got the words right, especially when he could read an entire sentence. He would scream across the room to my mom and his grandma that he could read. It was precious. So, the two of us alternated reading and then I put him to bed, but only after he was promised that he could come home with me sometime during my Christmas vacation. Cam definitely is one of the joys in my life!

I think I’m going to go visit Allie today at work and see my grandparents as I miss all of them.

Until later… Have a great one!

Six more days!!!!!!