This really does seem like the week that never ends. I just returned from yet another study night with the girls. Biology Final tomorrow morning at ten and you better believe how much I want this all to be over! It’s amazing how much fun when you are studying… but don’t let my fun fool you, we really did study. And, Liz slept tonight on the bench, whereas sunday night it was me sleeping on the couch in Clapp. I am still really nervous about this exam, but hopefully everything will be okay!

Lately, there has been some crazy drama here on the fourth floor of Ho-land. Some people really do need to take what is said to them to heart as they apparently think they know everything there is to know. It always amazes me how self-serving people seem to be. I think sometimes it is a result of the way a person is brought up by their parents, but other times I think that people are just innately selfish and inconsiderate of those around them. I mean, how old does a person have to be before they can comprehend that what they do does affect other people? That they have an impact. It’s an interesting concept, but an important one none-the-less. I mean, seriously, five year olds are capable of telling the truth and taking responsibility if they do something wrong. It’s one of those lessons you learn in kindergarten, in additon to sharing and not eating glue. On a more serious note, not everything in life it going to go the way you plan on it going, but it is imperative that you learn how to alter the way you look at a situation in order to get through the rough spots! I have more to say about this, but I don’t have all night.

Other happy things… I am so excited to give my family their presents. I don’t know if I can wait another week!

This semester has flown by… and it has definitely been one of my better ones! Thanks to you all!

One week until Christmas!

And I will be home later on tonight!!!!!!!

Have a great day, folks!