Have you ever heard a song and known the exact moment you first experienced it’s beauty and it’s ability to speak to you. Shea was the first person to make me listen to this one song that I heard today. It struck me when I heard the intro that wow, I really was happy then. Just hearing it gave me a chill and brought tears to my eyes. It’s kind of like one of those songs that if there was a soundtrack to your life, it would surely have a spot. Sometimes you don’t expect this sort of thing to happen and then poof!, you are taken back to a different time in your life when you were younger, more naive, when you didn’t know as much as you do now, when your life was simple, when there was crazy drama, when all of your school friends were still your friends, when you went to school just for the social aspect, and when you cried over some pre-pubescent boy in the bathroom at “fun night”. It’s amazing to me how life changes when you take the time to notice.

As we move farther into the Christmas season, I am always amazed at the love that surrounds my life. Though it is hard to see most of the year, this is when I realize my blessings and am able to take the time to evaluate how truly fortunate I am to have such a loving group of people to care about me and to support me. I lead a privileged life, whether I realize it or not. I wasn’t born into poverty and I have been given a fighting chance to make something of myself in this life. I CAN make a difference if I work at it. And, I definitely plan on doing just that!

Just three finals and my final art project AND I’M HOME!!!