Time for an update.

Well, I took my bio lab practical yesterday afternoon and I think I did rather well. I absolutely love lab practicals so I wouldn’t be very surprised if I lived up to my own expectations for once.

The rest of my week is looking kind of dreary… which may just be the weather as it seems to hate sunlight in this city. It might be better if the rain went away for thirty seconds. Anyway, tomorrow I have an organic lab final which I am really not too worried about. However, thursday I have my third bio exam which is sure to be exciting.

I am also going to see the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker performance on thursday night with Liz. I love ballet!

Then I have a slight break (which I should use to study and finish my final art project) until monday when my final art project is due and I have both my sociology and my organic chemistry finals. Following those two finals, I am hanging around here until saturday the 18th for my biology final. A long wait for a test… YAY!

Then I am home for something like 16 days and then back here for another round. I would like to thank the school for extending our Christmas vacation by two days. Seeing how just under two weeks wasn’t working for me.

Once again, good luck on finals. Hopefully, I will see some of you soon!