It has been quite a week… and I am incredibly happy that it is almost over!

After the whole computer crashing ordeal, I finally got windows reinstalled. I am wonderful, I know. Then I eventually figured out that I had to reinstall my drivers. I am very proud of myself for fixing this bad boy all by myself!

About OChem, I am taking the course again WITH a teacher who actually wants to and cares about teaching. I don’t care about your research…. I want to learn. So, I am all set up with that…

Last night, Liz, Dallas, and I went and saw “Open Water”. Let me tell you, it is definitely the worst movie ever. I really want to watch an hour of two people in the middle of the ocean with some sharks and puking only for the two of them to die. And they weren’t even crazy graphic deaths or anything. The lady just went underwater and you are left to assume the sharks ate her. Goodness.

Today I woke up at 8:47 AM for my 9 o’clock class. So, I threw on clothing… anything that was close and brushed my teeth and literally ran down the street to bio. I get to our room and the room is dark and the door is shut, so I go to my prof’s office and there is no note. I then decide that I should check to see the time on the email kiosks in the lobby…. IT WAS ONLY 8:06 AM!!!!! I apparently changed the time on my clock when I set my alarm last night. I felt so stupid.  So, I came back to my dorm and did some work for a half hour until I REALLY needed to be at bio. Ugh.

Another short story… maybe a half hour ago, I was over in Liz and Stacey’s room and well, there is this guy in tower B who’s room we can see into. This boy never has his shirt on so we named him “naked boy”. So, Liz and I went to see if “naked boy” was around. We see him and all of the sudden he takes off his pants… we ran away from the window and I was like “NAKED BOY REALLY IS NAKED!!!!” haha. Good times. I guess you had to be there!

I hope everyone has had a great week… Good luck as you all go into finals and all that jazz. One more week of classes for this girl!