I get to go home this friday. I am not sure if one of my parents is coming out to fetch me or if I am taking the bus/train, but I am going to be home come friday night.

About the lies issue. A certain person likes to lie to me and then I catch said person in her lies almost every time. I am sick of the people closest to me lying. It’s not becoming and, gosh, most of us are 19 or 20, I think it’s about time we all learned to tell the truth, especially when it has to do with the people we care about.

I have an organic chemistry exam on wednesday this week. I am rather terrified by this as it seems like no matter how much I study, I am never prepared. The highest grade on our last exam was only a 76%!!!! That means that nearly the entire class failed. Brummond clearly doesn’t want to teach, research matter so much more than whether her students succeed. One guy at my review session today was telling us that he went to her office and asked her what he should do because he felt like he was struggling with her class. You have to understand that he is a grad student and he is taking the course as a prerequisite to optometry school, and she asked him whether it was stressful for him. He told her “yes” as he needs to pass the test to complete his further school. She, in turn, told him that he needed to see Academic Advising as he apparently has stress issues. Hello! He’s been in school for over 6 years now. I don’t think he has stress from difficult classes, maybe just trying to follow someone who clearly hates her job!

Anyway, I have spent all of the past week reading over my book and review reactions. Hopefully, that will all pay off. The next few days will include doing problems upon problems as well as past exams. Hopefully she is feeling lazy and uses old exams for her problems, but that’s doubtful.

She really is a witch.

I had a rather low key weekend since I spent it all studying. I pretty much kept to myself and my own agenda. I must say that I am rather proud of all that I have accomplished this week.

I am really excited to go home friday as I haven’t been home since October 3rd. That is definitely the longest I have ever stayed here. Yay! for new records!

We are having a Thanksgiving feast on thursday night with my one group and I am also rather excited for that. However, I need to get through the ochem exam and the art project before that!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

I want snow!!!!