I think it’s interesting how Xanga always has to let me know how many days I have had their lovely service. I don’t care if i get up to 1000 or a 1,000,000 days… I’m not paying to post my thoughts.

Moving on.

My stomach hurts something fierce and I definitely just got sick. I hate this medicine and the fact that I didn’t eat any protein today probably hasn’t helped. Why, oh why, can I not be healthy?

Good news, though! My Gram came home on Saturday and seems to be doing wonderfully. She has no paralysis and can speak just as well as she did before the stroke. I am so thankful! I love my grandparents like there is no tomorrow! I called and talked to her for a half hour and made her day. She is such a special lady and I wish you all could meet her (if you haven’t already).

I don’t have too much to be worried about this week, but I’m getting geared up for my third OChem exam that is next Wednesday. After that one, we only have the final left. It makes me so incredibly happy. Any teacher on earth is better than her…. trying to think of someone else horrible in my life…. Conrad, maybe, back in middle school. He was a psycho and I’m sure we did nothing in that class. Nothing that made any sense anyway. Chismar… he was only boring, not bad though. Miss Stik… haha. I can’t think of anyone who really embodies this lady’s hatred of teaching. Oh well!

I might post some pictures later of when my dad visited me about a week and a half ago. I might not though because I want to get a jump on my work due later in the week. Anything to relieve stress is definitely a plus!

Two weeks until the doctor plays with my heart. Awesome! Hopefully, they won’t find anything terrible in there. My heart is quite special to me… I have a strong bond with it… much like I had with my other organs they played with!

Armstrong is laying people off again. This is not good news. They are inevitably leaving Lancaster. I pray they stay for the next 500 days so my daddy makes the “rule of 90”. Pray with me guys. I don’t know what will happen if he does get laid off. That’s my family’s entire income. I cried when he told me about this. Definitely a sensitive subject.

I hope everyone is having a great week and that I am able to see you all soon! It’s almost Turkey Day!!!!