I guess it’s necessary for me to put disclaimers on everything I write.

I am allowed to write what I want, more specifically how I personally feel. I understand that not everyone is going to agree with me, but I feel as though I am justified in what I write.

Seeing how I watched all presidential and vice-presidential debates, I think I have a feeling for who is the stronger of the two in their beliefs as Christians. Kerry made quite a few comments about Christianity that just don’t mesh. Let alone the who gay marriage/rights issue. I guess no one breaks out their Bible anymore. Homosexuality is clearly wrong in the eyes of the Lord and I’m holding to his decision on this. Marriage is to be between a man and woman, no exceptions.

You are all entitled to feel as you wish, but this is how I feel…. and I believe I’m right.


Other things…

If you could all pray for my Gramma Krantz because the doctor’s think she had a mini-stroke and she’s in the hospital. She loves everyone and is just an all-around great lady. Thanks, guys!

Hope everyone is having a great day!