I’m angry about some things. Namely, certain people in Philadelphia… and I don’t think it’s getting any better. It’s quite interesting to me how I can stand up for someone and be the one that gets screwed over in the end. How does that exactly happen? It’s also interesting that a friendship for nearly 14 years can be ended by some guy…. because he doesn’t like the person I stood up for. Whatever. People made decisions and they are going to have to live with them now. Don’t expect me to show any sympathy when we are all together again and don’t expect me to call to invite you anywhere… I might have to “uninvite” you like you did me.

I have no other qualms right now other than having two exams tomorrow: a bio lab practical and an ochem exam. I am scared. Literally. Just pray, guys. It’s all I can ask for.

My studying is always fruitless.

 I need my girls to come visit me.

I hope that I make it through this week.


don’t try to find the answer
when there ain’t no question here
brother let your heart be wounded
and give no mercy to your fear