It started raining today and I don’t think it is ever going to stop. It’s just one of those things with Pittsburgh weather. September is a good month, then October hits and all hell breaks loose. I don’t expect to see the sun until April now.

I don’t remember anything I have done today or yesterday or anything at all really. That’s probably not good.

My family in Vermont decided to come down for a visit. I would like to thank them for letting me know as they showed up in Lancaster today. Awesome. It’s so strange for me though. I was so used to seeing my uncle all the time… at least twice a week since he was only 11 when I was born. We were buddies. Then he got married and they moved to Massachusetts which wasn’t too bad because they would visit every couple of weeks. Then my cousin was born and I didn’t even get to see my uncle when we had the baby shower. Eventually my aunt was transferred to Burlington, VT and now I see my family maybe twice a year… a GOOD year. So, I am not going to see them this time. I feel like it’s my grandfather and his wife. They lived in Virginia and would travel to Lancaster, a good four hours, to go to the farmer’s market in Manheim, but wouldn’t drive the 20 minutes from there to see me or my brother. We have always been a burden to them and now I feel like a burden to my aunt and uncle, like they never want to see me. I guess it’s really their loss because who wouldn’t want to see me?

My family is very important to me.

Happier things: Molls just dedicated her shower to me… awesome!, tomorrow is my third shortest day!, two of my best girls are coming to visit me!, it’s almost Friday!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Sorry this isn’t exciting, Sherri! Nothing is going on in my life! Maybe something will happen before the next time I feel like writing.