I had a pretty good weekend. Other than a few “minor” things that someone said to about me… to my face. I’m kind of caught up on it though because it’s not something that I typically think of being. I know I wasn’t and I am actually just rather pissed off at the arrogance of some people. Especially people who need to learn to keep their mouths shut.  

Friday was a great day! I got up around 9:30 and drove up to Messiah to see my favorite Bethany. I even drove the turnpike by MYSELF, even if it was only for a grand total of 15 miles. The turnpike is my new best friend. I had an enjoyable day with Bethany and her friends… shopped and whatnot. I eventually headed for home and stopped to shop at the Galleria on the way… (SIDENOTE: on the way home from Pittsburgh on Thursday, I hit this HUGE deer that was in the road…. Nice, I know!). So then I got ready and headed off to the football game. Penn Manor inevitably lost (BIG surprise there) and the homecoming queen was crowned. Keri Drexel for everyone who wasn’t there. The game was nice though and it was good to catch up with everyone, even if the band is missing all of them because they quit. I apologize if the band hears me on their tape of the show though. I don’t want anyone to feel bad!

After the game, I hung out with Bethany and Ben, eating pizza and whatnot. Quite eventful actually. I especially enjoyed getting my pants all wet thanks to Ben.

Following the pizza, I headed off to hang out with Michael and Molls. Had some fun trekking down to the infamous walmart on Lincoln Highway. Pushed a certain person around in a wheelchair… the looks people give you are great! “I’m sure your leg will EVENTUALLY heal!” Good times, good times.

Saturday…. I don’t even remember. Adam went to the dance and looked adorable (I wish I knew how to post pictures). I tried to finish up Cass and Jeremy’s wedding gift.

Sunday was a lazy day. I did random things and my mom made my favorite dinner. Not that terribly exciting. Then I came back here!

Oh, it’s good to be back! Minus the classes and studying! And… it’s COLD!